Welcome to the SWEDISH KUVASZ CLUB - SvKK!

Svenska Kuvasz Klubben - SvKK is the official Club for the Kuvasz in Sweden.

We are associated with The Svedish Kennel Club - SKK  
and with The Svedish Mountain & Shepherd dog Club - SBHK.

The Kuvasz Club was founded in 1992 and became official 1995, and has about 100 members.

We arrange a Club Show once a year, in Sweden known as "Rasspecial".
Look at the Club Shows under Activities, then under "Rasspecial" followed by the year.

We also arrange some meetings on different places in Sweden.

How to become a member and more information you'll get from our Secretary, 
see further down in the green square.

The membership fee should be paid by the calendar year.
250 SEK for full membership,
75 SEK for family members
125 SEK for donated membership.
350 SEK for members outside Sweden.

As a member of the Swedish Kuvasz Club you receive the Club Magazine "Kuvaszbladet"
4 times a year (only in Swedish) and of course you will get access to all activities arranged within the club.

In a database, called SKK Hunddata you can find some information about Kuvasz registered in Sweden.

Look at the Kuvasz of the Years

The book - "Dogs of Hungary"/ "Ungarische Hunderassen " written by Dr Tibor Buzady

SvKK also have a catalogue with all Swedish champions, from the first registered Kuvasz in Sweden 1969.

Contact: Secretary 
Silvana Carlén 
Tälläng Furuhaga 1
S- 570 16 Kvillsfors
Phone 0046 (0)383 460022 
or send a mail: SvKK

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